Endoscopy surveys provide a fast, cost effective means of identifying problematic / in-accessible areas where bear minimum destruction is allowed for inspection such as –
  • Concrete pipes,
  • Water Pipes
  • Storm pipes
  • Sewer Lines,
  • Culvert
  • Cavity walls,
  • Air ducts, Vents,
  • Chimneys,
  • Ceiling, roof and floor voids,
  • Water tanks, 
  • Heritage structures,
  • Timber structures,
  • Concrete or Masonry structures with large voids, honeycombing etc.
Bore scopes /  Endoscopes
Endoscopy of Masonry
Endoscopy of False Ceiling
Bore scope survey - rusting inside pipes
Bore scope survey – Boiler Tube
Our extensive experience in the field of investigation of structures allows us to conduct our surveys with the very minimum of disruption to the structures, whilst providing you with the detailed information. This technique has been found to be very useful for identifying corrosion inside pipes, hollow areas in the timber structures caused by decay of timber due to wet rotting, termites

These endoscopes / Bore Scopes can take a sharp snap shots along with continuous video recording.