Load Test
IS – 456 – 2000 recommends Load testing of flexural members to be carried out In case the core test results do not satisfy the requirements. Many a times Load test is carried out on building & Bridge components when –

  • The strength of concrete is below the acceptable norms
  • Structural Design data is not available.
  • Load carrying capacity of the flexural member needs to be assessed.
  • The members is to be subjected to a higher loads
  • The members are noticed to have cracks, deflections
  • The structure is damaged due to fire, earthquake, blast, corrosion etc.
  • Change in use of structure.

The Load Test for Building is carried out as per IS – 456.
For Bridges Load test is carried out in accordance with IRC – SP – 51 – 1999, the load test can be performed by either loading with simulation of specific IRC vehicle ( IRC – 37 ) or by other type of static load which produces the design forces.

Load Test Procedure as per I*S – 456- 2000

The  structure  should  be  subjected  to a load  equal to  full  dead  load  of  the  structure  plus  1.25  times  the imposed  load  for  a period  of 24  h and  then  the  imposed load  shall  be  removed.

NOTE-Dead  load  includes  self  weight  of  the  structural members  plus  weight  of  finishes  and  walls  or  partitions,  if any, as  considered  in  the  design.

The  deflection  due  to  imposed  load  only  shall be  recorded.  If  within  24  h  of removal  of  the  imposed load  the  structure  does  not  recover  at  least  75  percent of the  deflection  under  superimposed  load,  the  test  may be  repeated  after  a lapse  of  72  h. If  the  recovery  is  less than  80  percent,  the  structure  shall  be  deemed  to  be unacceptable.

If  the  maximum  deflection  in  mm,  shown during  24  h  under  load  is  less  than  40 l2/D,  where  l  is the  effective  span  in  m;  and  D,  the  overall  depth  of the section  in mm,  it  is  not  necessary  for  the  recovery  to  be measured  and  the  recovery  provisions  of  shall not  apply.
Load Test of RCC Beam
Load Test of Bridge
Load Test Dials