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Projects Completed

CDC has designed, tested & rehabilitated a number of prestigious projects like -

  • Airports, Dams,
  • Tunnels, Bridges,
  • Concrete Roads,
  • Jetties,
  • Wind Mills,
  • Earthquake / Blast / Fire-damaged Structures,
  • Heritage Structures,
  • Commercial Projects
  • Mass Housing Projects,
  • Educational Complexes,
  • Automobile Industries
  • IT  Industry
  • Cement, Soya bean, Chemical Sugar, Thermal Power Plants,
  • Elevated Water Tanks,
  • Reservoirs,
  • Bunkers,
  • Silos,
  • Effluent / Water Treatment Plants

and so on; in India as well as abroad.
Projects Gallery

 Jodhpur Airport Terminal Building

 Pune Airport Terminal Building
 Bridges , Aqua ducts, Conveyors

 Effluent  /  Water Treatment Plants

 Wind Mills
 RCC & Steel Chimneys

Intz Tanks , Overhead Water Tanks
 Large Ground Level Tanks

Multi Storey Industrial Towers

 Hotels and Hostels
 Mass Housing Complexes
 Multi Storey Residential Complexes

 Automobile Plants
Steel Structures
 Petrochemical & Chemical Plants